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About Composites and 3X ENGINEERING (3X)

A composite material is made from two or more components materials with significant different physical or chemical properties. When combined, it creates a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The individual components remain separate within the finished structure.

In our case, Kevlar® reinforcing fibers are wetted with epoxy polymer matrix. The result is a unique material with outstanding performance to protect and reinforce your assets.

3X ENGINEERING has been using composites solutions for over 25 years. Initially introduced in the aerospace industry, their efficiency has been proved in various markets including Oil & Gas. Because of their mechanical properties, composites are able to offer a solid solution with long-term guarantee (up to 20 years) and relative low cost compared to other methods. This repair technique is quick and can be installed without shutdown. Choosing to use composite repair system is therefore not only a fast and reliable solution but also a cost-effective option for companies, as it will minimize production loss.

Pre-preg PU water activated system is a quick and ready-to-use solution. Fabrics are already pre-impregnated with the resin. The user does not have to mix the resin and apply it to the fabric on jobsite. It has been originally designed for medical use for broken arms or legs. This technology has been adapted several years ago for pipeline industry because of fast implementation.

Wet lay-up system means that the user has to mix the resins and apply it to the fabric on site. This operation can be done by hand or by an impregnating machine (at 3X we have developed the BOBiPREG® machine to perform a quick impregnation of the fabric with the resin before application around the pipe). Even if this system is time consuming, it is very beneficial in case of specific or difficult application because the installer can pre-cut and position the dry fabric optimally on the pipe. Moreover the final composite installed by experienced applicators is a better-quality product.

Yes, 3X operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 (2015).
Click on this link to visualize our ISO 9001 certificate.

Only trained and certified applicators can install 3X products efficiently and thus guarantee the long-term of the repair.

3X ENGINEERING provides a technical training to its distributors in order to rise the quality of the repair to the highest level. We can also arrange training session for clients on request. Individual certificates are provided at the end of the training, based on applicators ability.

Thanks to our large distributors network, we have certified applicators situated around the world able to apply 3X products. If not, our dedicated technical team based in Monaco can be sent on-site to perform the installation.

The following list is non exhaustive but we are used to working for the main operators in Oil & Gas industry across the world like TOTAL, CHEVRON, CONOCOPHILLIPS, SHELL, PETRONAS, PETROVIETNAM, INDIAN OIL, ECOPETROL, PEMEX, ADGAS, GASCO, PERENCO, ESSO, EXXONMOBIL …

Our head offices with our specialized technical team are located in Monaco.

Thanks to our large network of distributors around the world we are able to answer very quickly to local requests.
All our distributors have an emergency stock of 3X products and are trained and certified to install them.

If your area is not covered by one of our distributor, our Logistic Department will organize fast shipment of 3X materials and our Technical Team based in Monaco will be deployed very quickly to perform the repair.

To date, we are represented by about 40 distributors all around the world (have a look to this link for latest update of 3X representatives). And we are always looking for new partners to enlarge this network and expand our presence worldwide.

Yes, our range of services also includes offshore and subsea services. We have developed a complete range of products dedicated to this specific application (REINFORCEKiT® 4D SUBSEA, STOPKiT® SUBSEA, ROLLERKiT® SUBSEA and specific tools).

To apply this range of products our technicians and engineers are trained and certified to work offshore.

3X ENGINEERING is used to working offshore and has performed several risers repairs and reinforcements in various countries. In the last few years, our experience in subsea repair (including deepwater) has been multiplicated thanks to subsea projects performed successfully in India, Vietnam, Colombia... . Applying 3X products in deep water is very sensitive and needs to be performed with high-qualified staff and specially designed equipment.

Have a look to our subsea case studies

3X ENGINEERING products origin: European Community.

3X ENGINEERING range of product has been go through rigorous qualification and testing programs to ensure they are in accordance with international standards. All our products capabilities are certified by third party such as ABS, Bureau Veritas, TUV, Lloyd’s Register. All the successful customer qualifications also demonstrate the quality of our products and our capacity to adapt to specific and internal requirements of our clients.

Because our main values are « Innovation » and « Quality », an important part of our budget is dedicated to Research & Development (R&D). 3X ENGINEERING R&D team keeps exploring new technologies in order to continuously improve the quality of our products, technical services and develop new repair solutions.

3X product warranty (original product, packed, non-used) covers all branded products to be free from defects in material from its production date until expiry date. Warranty is limited to the replacement of defective materials.

3X products implementation warranty is applicable only if realized by a team from 3X Monaco, designed and applied as per ISO 24.817 or ASME PCC-2, limited for external and non-evolutive defect.

For more information and warranty exclusions, please ask for 3X WARRANTY POLICY document (ref. DOC FAB004-F).