We offer various composite repair solutions to ensure the repair of pipes, tanks, leaks under pressure, flange repairs and structural repairs.

Our team of professionals therefore presents various solutions specially designed to guarantee the long-term lifetime of your piping and infrastructure. Our know-how also enables us to offer effective products for the repair of tanks and various structures.

Our products are also manufactured for the prevention of corrosion of industrial pipes. Our systems meet strict standards to resist high pressure and deterioration overtime.

For quick repair of leaks on small or large pipes, we recommend the use of our high quality products. For a permanent reinforcement and repair, you can ask our experts for advice.

Our products are often used in oil and gas industry to repair leaks, preserve pipeline integrity, reinforce and protect steel pipes among others.

Our team ensures fast and durable maintenance and repairs. We manage all types of industrial installations. We offer the use of composite repairs to reinforce pipelines also in the offshore industry and in subsea environment.

Our composite systems allow the repair of pipes still in service and allow underwater intervention to repair all damaged piping systems.

Before performing a composite repair, it is essential to study the severity of the defect and determine the impact on the pipeline. After studying the severity of corrosion, repairs can begin with suitable and quality products.