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Pipe & Support Protection
Composite Repair for Corrosion Under Support (CUS)

Logo compliant ASME B31.1 Logo 3XEngineering concept

ROLLERKiT® is a preventive and curative repair system for corrosion under support, to be installed both on support or on pipe.

Depending on the level of corrosion, ROLLERKiT® can be applied directly on pipe for superficial corrosion.

ROLLERKiT on pipe 1

ROLLERKiT® on pipe

ROLLERKiT on pipe 2
ROLLERKiT on support 1
ROLLERKiT on support 2

ROLLERKiT® on support

ROLLERKiT on support 3
ROLLERKiT on support 4

ROLLERKiT® is made of high polymer pads thermo-welded on glass fiber fabric and specific epoxy resin. Pads are designed to support the weight of the pipe according to ASME B31.1. Glass fiber fabric ensures the pads assembly, and applied with the resin on a corroded structure, it will stop the corrosion.


  • Protect the pipe at support area
  • Prevent:
    • Corrosion
    • Abrasion
    • Humidity
    • Galvanic effects
    • Friction


  • Onshore, Offshore and Subsea
  • Old and new installations
  • All pipe supports (steel, concrete ...)
  • All design supports
  • Pipe diameters from 4" to 56"
  • Pipe temperature from -30°C to +150°C (-22°F to +302°F)


  • Long-term service lifetime
  • Non-metallic solution
  • Pipe integrity preserved
  • Fast & easy installation
  • Dual use: preventive & curative system


Model Pipe O.D. (inch) Application Temperatures Resin Length/Width/Thickness (mm)
ROL-28 4" to 28" Onshore & Offshore topside -30°C/+150°C (-22°F/+302°F) F3X8 3000 x 160 x 8
ROL-56 30" to 56" Onshore & Offshore topside -30°C/+150°C (-22°F/+302°F) F3X8 3000 x 300 x 12
For SPLASH ZONE & SUBSEA applications, contact us

ROLLERKiT® Components

A single kit allows up to 28 repairs according to pipe diameter

ROLLERKiT component: single kit
ROLLERKiT component: Roll of pads
Roll of 86 pads
ROLLERKiT component: Resin cartridges
Resin cartridges
ROLLERKiT component: Kit of accessories
Kit of accessories including: spatula, squeegee, mixing plate, bubble level systems and belts

ROLLERKiT® Implementation Steps (installation on pipe)

ROLLERKiT: Implementation Step 1
Surface preparation Sa2½ / St3 and roughness Rz > 60µm
ROLLERKiT: Implementation Step 2
ROLLERKiT® preparation
ROLLERKiT: Implementation Step 3
3X epoxy resin application
ROLLERKiT: Implementation Step 4
ROLLERKiT® cold welded
on the pipe
ROLLERKiT: Implementation Step 5
ROLLERKiT® installed

Have a look to this case study and discover how ROLLERKiT® protected several pipe supports against corrosion under support (CUS):