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The Cleantech Prepper is a wide surface blasting tool that enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. Simply program the desired roughness and the Cleantech Prepper will deliver a regular peak height and peak density to optimize your substrate surface, all without safety hazards, dust or loose media. The Cleantech Prepper solution can also include the applied factory coating.

The Cleantech Prepper is up to 4 times faster than conventional blasting, with 5 million strikes per square meter cleaned in a hundred seconds. With this said, it is low in energy consumption and has recyclable brushes.


  • A uniform roughness profile with (near) constant peak height and density
  • Oscillating brushes enable uniform, optimal surface coverage
  • Adjustable accelerator bar enables changes to roughness profile
  • Process monitoring and auto adjustments through laser and sensors
  • Minimal logistic interventions
  • Programmable via smart device
  • Up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting enabling greater coverage per hour
  • Device is scalable to even bigger units

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