Corrosion Protection for Beam

Product Sheet

DKiT® is recommended to protect all kind of structures from corrosion. It is applied on the structure base, on the junction area with concrete basement which is the weakest part due to corrosion developement.

Initially, DKiT® has been co-developed in partnership with the French National Railway Company (SNCF réseau) for railway industry to reinforce catenary supports (HEA beams) but this product is suitable for all structure designs.

After 3 years of testing (decohesion and mechanical tests), over a thousand of beams have been protected thanks to this product.

DKiT® is a multi-layers product made of 3 specific coatings :

  1. Anti-corrosion epoxy resin
  2. Waterproofing epoxy resin
  3. Anti-UV & impact protective coating (elastomeric material)


  • Avoid corrosion and water infiltration in the concrete basement
  • Ensure structures integrity and sustainability
  • Protect from climatic aggressions, UV and impacts


  • All beam designs
  • All structure designs built in concrete
  • Old and new installations


  • Installation without stopping traffic or production
  • Complex maintenance avoided
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Fast and easy application

Surface preparation Sa2½ / St3 and roughness Rz > 60 µm​
Epoxy resin application for beam/concrete protection​
Waterproofing by elastomeric resin application​
Protective coating application​