Brief Product Presentation

Composite repair for pipe and support protection from corrosion.

Preventive and curative repair system for corrosion under support (CUS). According to ASME B31.1.

Product made of 86 PPS pads thermo welded on glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin.


ROLLERKiT® is designed to protect support area of pipes operating between -30°C and +150°C (-22°F and +302°F).

ROLLERKiT® can be installed both on pipe and on support.

Depending on the level of corrosion, ROLLERKiT® can directly be applied on the pipe for superficial corrosion or on the composite repair (R4D) in case of severe corrosion.

Two references are available (ROL-28 & ROL-56) to be installed on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ for onshore, offshore or subsea installations.

Yes, a surface preparation is needed to ensure the adhesion of the ROLLERKiT®. The surface must present a Sa2½ and a minimum roughness of 60μm.

One single kit allows up to 28 repairs according to pipe diameter.

To determine the number of pads needed by pipe OD, please refer to the ROLLERKiT® Technical Data Sheet.

A crack/crevice between pipe and support traps water. Water cannot evacuate and creates corrosion that quickly causes wall loss.

ROLLERKiT® has a long-term service lifetime (estimated at 20 years). It may vary depending on conditions.

ROLLERKiT® is made of techno polymer PPS pads thermo-welded on glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin. Pads are designed to support the weight of the pipe (according to ASME B31.1) and glass fiber fabric ensures the pads assembly. All these components are applied with the resin on a corroded surface, and that will stop the corrosion.


  • ROLLERKiT® is not only a preventive system against corrosion that protects pipe support against corrosion. It will also repair the pipe support thanks to the combination of the 3 components (pad, fiberglass and epoxy resin). The application of the epoxy resin will stop the corrosion development and will prevent from further corrosion.


  • ROLLERKiT® can be installed both on support (any kind of support) and pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’.
  • ROLLERKiT® can be installed on onshore, offshore or subsea environments.
  • ROLLERKiT® can be installed on pipe operating up to +150°C (+302°F).