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About STOPKiT®

Brief Product Presentation

Emergency pipeline repair system (EPRS) for online leak sealing.

This system is designed to make a compression point on the leak by concentrating the tightening effort on the rubber patch.

Available under several models depending on pipe diameter, hole size and environment.

about STOPKiT

We have 2 models called STOPKiT® 50 and STOPKiT® 100.

The STOPKiT® 50 can fix a leakage of maximum 10mm size and up to 80 bars (1160 psi) and STOPKiT® 100 can fix a leakage of maximum 50mm size and up to 30 bars (435 psi), both with temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F).

STOPKiT® can be installed on several pipe geometries (straight, oval, elbow also including weld), and is recommended to stop various type of leaks (oil, gas, water and many other aggressive fluids).

Different sizes of STOPKiT® are available to be suitable with pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ and applicable to onshore (STON reference), offshore and subsea environments (STOF reference). Each STOPKiT® reference is dedicated to one single diameter.

No, surface preparation is not required. The pipe only needs to be cleaned with acetone and the external surface must be free of sharp edge.

Yes, STOPKiT® products can be applied under pressure. It is the most efficient repair in the world able to seal a leak online in few minutes.

STOPKiT® is a temporary repair system and must not be used more than few weeks. It is difficult to exactly evaluate how long it will be efficient as it depends on several parameters (hole diameter, pressure, environment ...).

STOPKiT® packaging is made of rubber patch, belt(s) (number of belts depends on pipe diameter), stainless steel bars, bolts & screws and STOPKiT® Positioner (specific device developed to center the patch on the leak and prevent slipping during tightening).


  • STOPKiT® is an emergency stop leak solution for pipe applicable without shutdown or de-pressurization.


  • STOPKiT® can stop leakage online up to 10mm hole diameter and 80 bars (1160 psi).
  • STOPKiT® can stop leakage online up to 50mm hole diameter and 30 bars (435 psi).
  • STOPKiT® can be applicated on pipe operating up to 80°C (176°F).
  • STOPKiT® can be applicated on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’.
  • STOPKiT® can be applicated onshore, offshore and also underwater.


  • Easy to store and light product.
  • Quick and easy installation (about 5mn).