R4D, Internal corrosion – France

Oil & Gas
DEFECT TYPE Internal corrosion
DETAILS 42" oil pipeline , buried, design pressure 14 bars, repair design temp. 20°C


The objective of the repair, carried out by 3X ENGINEERING (3X) and its local distributor TSI was to reinforce a buried 42″ oil pipeline suffering from internal corrosion. To restore pipe integrity and prevent further deterioration, it was decided to repair the defected area using REINFORCEKiT® 4D.


According to ISO 24.817 standard, 3X calculations and client requirements, it was decided to apply REINFORCEKiT® 4D using R3X70+ resin. 18 layers of composite were determined to reinforce the corroded area.

Because of the cold temperatures outside, the working area was isolated and equipped with a dehumidifier and heating system in order to keep the optimal conditions for the composite application.

Surface preparation was completed with grit blasting to get a good surface roughness (superior to 60µm Rz) and ensure a good bonding between the steel pipe and the composite repair. Hygrometric conditions were checked and the surface was cleaned with acetone.

The composite repair was then completed as below:

1/ F3X8 filler was applied on the defected area before metallic plate application to smooth the shape and facilitate metallic plate installation.

2/ Metallic plate (previously prepared and cleaned) was fixed on the defected area using F3XS1 (specific filler with very good mechanical properties for sealing leaks) and rachet belts. Ratchet belts were removed after filler curing.

3/ One layer of R3X70+ resin was applied on the defected area to ensure a good wetting of the composite wrapping with the steel pipe.

4/ Composite wrapping was completed using Kevlar® tape impregnated with R3X70+ resin ==> 18 layers installed for a total repair length of 870mm.

5/ Finishing stage ==> last layer of R3X70+ resin was applied all over the repair and id plate was installed for traceability.


Due to the low temperatures outside, the isolated working area remained in place 2 days after job completion to ensure the good resin polymerisation. Hardness measurements were then performed and concluded the good achievement of this repair using REINFORCEKiT® 4D product. As recommended by 3X specialists, the client should apply a coating to protect the repair before closing the excavation.
The design life for this composite reinforcement is planned for 10 years.