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Is R4D product ABS TYPE approved? What is ABS certification? And what does it mean concretely for R4D product?

Yes, R4D product is ABS type approved.

 ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) provides classification, technical, and regulatory services for the marine industry.

ABS develops safety rules, guides, standards and other criteria for the design, construction, and survey of marine vessels (FPSO etc …) and structures including all materials, equipment and machinery. ABS certifies companies that provide services, such as measurements, tests, or maintenance, of safety systems and equipment.

Thanks to this certification 3X is able to apply R4D product on ABS regulated assets.

Without ABS Type Approval, a composite repair system is only considered as a temporary repair, to be removed during next shutdown (few months).

REINFORCEKiT® 4D system is considered as long-term composite repair with this Type Approval certification

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