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What is the difference between « pre-preg » and « wet lay-up »?

Pre-preg PU water activated system is a quick and ready-to-use solution. Fabrics are already pre-impregnated with the resin. The user does not have to mix the resin and apply it to the fabric on jobsite. It has been originally designed for medical use for broken arms or legs. This technology has been adapted several years ago for pipeline industry because of fast implementation.

Wet lay-up system means that the user has to mix the resins and apply it to the fabric on site. This operation can be done by hand or by an impregnating machine (at 3X we have developed the BOBiPREG® machine to perform a quick impregnation of the fabric with the resin before application around the pipe). Even if this system is time consuming, it is very beneficial in case of specific or difficult application because the installer can pre-cut and position the dry fabric optimally on the pipe. Moreover the final composite installed by experienced applicators is a better-quality product.

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